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Have you ever read something and wondered “didn’t the writer edit this? At all?”

My job as editor means I read unedited writing. Most of the time, the writer has tried to self-edit, with varying success. I don’t mind that. Unfortunately, I have read a few novels lately that seem as if no one has even tried to correct the text, beyond using the spelling checker in the word […]

It Takes Two – A Jet Kindle World novella: independent review

By Emily Kimelman I have read a number of the Jet Kindle World series, and Emily Kimelman’s It Takes Two, which combines her Sydney Rye series with Russell Blake’s Jet series, is one of the best. Kindle Worlds is an Amazon initiative that allows writers to publish new stories within another author’s established, best-selling series, […]


Guest blogger: Martin Crosbie, author of My Temporary Life

This guest post from Martin Crosbie originally ran on my Blogger blog in 2012, and it’s well worth reading again. Martin’s excellent self-published book, My Temporary Life, achieved a great deal of attention in the major media for hitting number 1 on Amazon. Here, Martin explains how he did it. This topic became the basis of […]

Jet – Rescue: An independent book review

By Kim Cano Kim Cano’s Jet – Rescue, her entry in the Jet Kindle World, is an excellent novella—which is more than I can say for some of the other entries in this oeuvre. Cano rewrote a troubling episode from Blake’s second book in the series, Jet – Betrayal. It’s troubling because it’s about forced […]

Stop abusing quotation marks

I have been reading a lot of self-published books lately. Some are excellent, some are terrible. One of the characteristics of a terrible self-published novel is a misunderstanding of how to use quotation marks properly. Fixing the quotation marks won’t turn a bad book into a good one, but a this kind of error detracts […]


Excerpt Week 2: JET – Outbreak

By Malcolm Aylward Excerpt Week is now Excerpt Week 2. Today, the spotlight is on Malcolm Aylward’s JET – Outbreak, which introduces a new female super-spy to the JET Kindle World, based on the creations of Russell Blake. Island of Menorca—in the Balearic Sea—off the coast of Spain Maya burst through the thick canopy and […]