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What is style? An interview with Charity Parkerson

How important is writing style? And just what is it, anyway — what makes up an author’s style? Can an author truly be unique? This week, Written Words has invited Charity Parkerson, author of paranormal romance and erotica, to tell us her thoughts on writer’s style. Read what she has to say, and then check […]

Telling tales about tales

Kathy Lynn Hall on writing style Reprised from the previous Written Words blog on Google. Kathy Lynn Hall was one of the first independent authors I encountered through social media. Even though I am not in the target audience, I enjoyed her first novel, Red Mojo Mama, the story of a woman who takes control […]

Sneak peek: Under the Nazi Heel

The sequel to Army of Worn Soles is approaching publication. My editor has it and I’m hoping for a pre-year-end release date.  For those faithful readers who have been waiting for this, here is a raw, unedited preview from the prologue to Under the Nazi Heel. Leave a comment, and I will send you a […]

DelSheree Gladden

Connecting with readers: DelSheree Gladden on writing

Bestselling author and fellow BestSelling Reads member DelSheree Gladden is a prolific writer who has published over 20 titles in nine different series. She was extremely generous to take some precious time from her daily routine, which includes lots of writing, working, teaching, yoga, taking her children to activities and leaving the rest of us in […]


Robert S. Guthrie: What one of your favourite authors loves about writing

Written Words continues the series where we ask your favourite authors what they like best and least about writing. Today, a good friend, Robert Guthrie generously takes his time to answer my questions. Which element of fiction is most important to you as a writer? Well, clearly plot and a good story are important, but […]

Alan McDermott: What one of your favourite authors loves about writing

Alan McDermott is a good friend. His first self-published novel, Gray Justice, caught the attention of the reading world, propelling him into the bestsellers ranks on Amazon. He has since followed that up with four more novels about Tom Gray and his friends who stop chaos around the world. Now a full-time author, he took a […]