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Cover reveal: The Children of the Seventh Son

It’s done! The Children of the Seventh Son is ready to release. The second book in the Dark Age trilogy has been fully edited, proofread, and revised several times by yours truly in between every stage. And now it has a cover, with an original image painted by artist Marc Laisne of Montpelier, France and Ottawa, Canada. The cover […]

The Twilight of Democracy

“Authoritarianism appeals, simply, to people who cannot tolerate complexity.” Authoritarianism is growing in popularity in many democracies, as we can see in places that were once seen as democratic success stories like Hungary and Poland. “Populist” parties and leaders in Italy, France and the U.K.  Trump’s populist and authoritarian appeal is undeniable, and terrifying as […]

Content marketing = knowledge marketing

The darling of marketing communications today is “content marketing,” but it’s nothing new. Businesses large and small have been doing it for decades, through newsletters and free hand-outs in print. Think of your in-flight magazine describing your destination, or the white papers about technical subjects. Content marketing isn’t just for big corporations, though. Smaller and […]