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A Wine Country mystery

Wildfires swept across California wine country in 2017, destroying thousands of homes and businesses and killing dozens of people. Law school grad and single mother Tara Rezeck finds herself in the middle of the catastrophe. When she returns to her job at Sonoma’s most award-winning vineyard, she finds her employer’s body in the ashes.

The question that challenges her brains and her legal training is: was it an accident? Or was his body burned to hide evidence of murder?

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The Three-Way

A Van and LeBrun thriller—2017

How is Daesh, the Islamic State, funding its war of oppression in the Middle East? Van and LeBrun are determined to find out.

Van Freeman and Earl LeBrun go deep into Daesh-occupied territory with new electromagnetic weapons to unravel the three-way deal that supports the 21st century’s most evil regime—and blow stuff up in their inimitable style.

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A Hawaiian Storm—2017

In 1999, the Kahuna was The Man on Oahu’s west coast. The coolest guy at the wildest parties, with the coolest posse, the best weed and the most beautiful girlfriend.

Then he disappeared.

Fifteen years later, that girlfriend is FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm. The Kahuna returns to ask her help.

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Cover-WOOW-500x800 (1)Walking Out of War:

Book 3 in the Eastern Front trilogy—2017

Ukraine, 1944: After the Soviets crushed the Nazi occupiers of the city of Ternopyl, they rounded up every Ukrainian man around for the Red Army’s final push on Germany. Maurice Bury, Canadian citizen and Ukrainian resistance fighter, is thrust again into the death struggle between Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR.

“Full of heart and indomitable spirit”—Joy Lorton, reader and reviewer

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Dead Man Lying

A Hawaiian Storm—2016

Maui offers the perfect retirement location for once-famous country singer Steven Sangster … until he ends up dead.

As the killer strikes again and again, FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm must untangle the lies spun by the singer’s associates, friends, family — and the singer himself before the music dies.

First Place winner of the East Texas Writers Guild First Chapter Award.

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The Wife Line

A Van and LeBrun thriller—2016

Detective Morgan Connelly thought it would be an easy assignment: trail software executive Nigel Willem, because his boss suspects him. When Willem is murdered, the mysterious and handsome Van tells Morgan that Willem was expediting human trafficking.

Morgan and Van cross Europe to uncover Willem’s contacts in pornography, people smuggling, drugs and murder. But will the unpredictable, aggravating and irresistible Van be more of an obstacle or a help?

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Under the Nazi Heel

A memoir in novel form—2016

Canadian-born Maurice Bury was drafted into the Red Army  in 1941. Captured and starved in a POW camp, he escaped and made his way home to Ukraine, where the Nazi occupiers starved the locals to make “living space” for themselves.

Maurice joins the secret resistance. He soon finds the Germans are not the only enemy.

First Place winner of the East Texas Writers Guild First Chapter Award  —  Nonfiction/Memoir.

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Palm Trees and Snowflakes

A Hawaiian Storm—2015

FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm returns in this action-packed mystery in Oahu, Hawai’i.

Snowflake has a new meaning in Hawaii. The new designer drug gives users the perfect high—and kills them.

During the holidays, FBI Special Agents Vanessa Storm and Alan Terakawa have to stop the deadly flow. How do the drug smugglers change their routes with every shipment? Vanessa’s handsome, charming, and untrustworthy ex-boyfriend might have the answer.

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Torn Roots

A Hawiian Storm—2015

Special Agent Vanessa Storm is the new arrival in the FBI detachment in Hawaii. Her first case sends her to Maui’s rain-soaked south shore to investigate the murder of a woman in the midst of conflict between local activists and foreign investors.

This delicate investigation gets more complicated when there’s no body. An abrasive environmentalist, a taciturn geologist and a rogue Homeland Security agent lead Vanessa into a tangled jungle of a mystery.

Time is running out before the case explodes into a full-blown international diplomatic crisis.

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A Van and LeBrun thriller—2015

Mossad’s deadliest assassin gets out of the spy business and heads  for a new, quiet life in a tropical paradise. Then her plane gets hijacked—but how does the hijacker get a gun onto a plane past all the security?

When a mysterious, handsome agent with no tradecraft but with brilliant blue eyes asks Jet’s help to secure the stealth weapon, she just can’t say no.

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Army of Worn Soles

A memoir in novel form—2014

A Canadian is drafted into the Soviet Red Army in 1941, just in time to be thrown against Nazi Germany’s invasion in Operation Barbarossa. Caught in the vise of the Nazi and Communist forces, Maurice Bury concentrates on keeping his men alive as they retreat across Ukraine from the German juggernaut. Now the question is: will they escape from the hell of the POW camp before they starve to death?


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One Shade of Red

Erotic romance—2013

Damian has always followed the rules, always tried to please. He dates the girl next door because his parents like her parents. When his roommate asks Damian to take over his pool-cleaning business, he can’t say no — especially to the only client, a rich widow. But Alexis Rosse is far from helpless or lonely. The beautiful financial genius is turning the markets upside-down, and she revels in sex wherever, whenever and with whomever she wants.

Alexis pushes Damian to his sexual limits. The only question he has is: will she break them? 


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Bones Cover FINAL FOR WEBThe Bones of the Earth

Historical fantasy—2012

The Dark Age, eastern Europe: the earth has decided to rid itself of humanity with earthquakes, volcanoes and new plagues. Civilizations, even the mighty Roman Empire, crumble under the pressure of barbarian waves that are fleeing worse terrors.

Rejected by his own people, pursued by a dragon, young Javor heads for Constantinople, the centre of civilization, looking for answers to the puzzle of his great-grandfather’s dagger and the murder of his family.

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Initiation RitesInitiation Rites: The Bones of the Earth, Part 1 

Historical fantasy—2011

The Dark Age. The Earth has turned on humanity with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and a new plague. Barbarian invasions shatter civilizations.

When raiders kidnap the girl he loves, young Javor takes a dagger handed down from his great-grandfather and tries to rescue her. But while he’s away, a horror that Javor never believed existed murders his parents and devastates his village.

Javor begins his quest for revenge, not realizing that he is entering a war against forces bent on eliminating humanity.

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NewDarkCloudsCover-500x750Dark Clouds

Paranormal romance—2011

Matt knows when his mother is near: the wind swirls from every direction at once and dark clouds mass in the sky. He and his pretty wife, Teri, try to get out of the way, but as the Witch’s Son, Matt is drawn into a spider’s web. He tries to spoil the Witch Queen’s plans—but the price is to be paid in blood.

Fortunately, Teri has a few special abilities of her own …

The start of a new fantasy series: The Witch’s Son.

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Sam, the Strawb Part

Children’s story—2011

What happens when a thin boy dresses as a pirate, attaches a jolly roger to his bicycle and starts to hijack strawberries?

When the pirate starts handing his booty over to poor children, the people take his side. But the evil fruit monopoly doesn’t take kindly to pirates. They hire the notorious pirate-killer, Commodore Tiberius J. Swinkill, to hunt Sam down.

This swashbuckling tale of fury and fruit is for children, parents and everyone who loves strawberries, children or pirates.

Add “Sam, the Strawb Part” to your Goodreads shelf: Dark Clouds (The Witch's Son, #1)

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