Excerpt Week 2: Jet – Exposed

 By Lynda Filler

Written Words continues with excerpts from books by fellow author-members of the Jet. Today, sample Jet’s venture into territory that would be new even to her in Lynda Filler’s Exposed.

Coastal Mountain Range, Canada

Luke Raven, the elusive billionaire, laughed out loud.

“This is too easy. You want to control the world Sying? You’re going to have to take it from me. And that’s never going to happen!”

Luke strode from a portable computer terminal to the five-foot square LCD on the north wall. Dominating the room was a satellite view of North Korea.

“I am the gatekeeper and this powder keg is about to erupt.”

To his right, he could watch downtown Shanghai, the Jin Mao Tower to be exact. He turned to Russia. Grigenko was up to something again. Sharif was scheming; he could feel it. Disgusted, he turned away from another screen and the ranting of the ISIS leader.

The world’s tightest security protected everything that went on in his three war rooms. No one could breach them. He’d designed each room with elements that were literally out of this world; and he manipulated all of it. He called them his ‘playgrounds’.

“Maybe the government should have thought twice when they brought me inside. The technology I’ve let them have and what I’ve kept for myself makes me the most powerful man on this planet.

How can I trust this group in office to put the country’s interests first? They are money hungry warmongers, in for the fast buck from whatever special interest group will pay them the most. ”

Luke took control of his emotions. He was a man of honor. A true American patriot.

He opened the bar fridge next to his laptop. I need to chill out, he thought. Tully’s black coffee ice cubes.

He returned to an ongoing Chess game with the world’s top Chess Master in Australia. “Come on Max, don’t give up yet. You might beat me if you keep trying.” He sucked noisily, made his move and closed his personal laptop.

Back to world affairs.

Luke sat down on a Yoga mat on the floor. From this position he watched Sying Li Ma at work in her office in Shanghai.

The cyber attack on the Office of Personnel Management of the United States government was a brilliant play on her part. Luke warned them three years ago. They didn’t listen. Those in power believed it was a Chinese Government hack. But Luke knew Sying’s work. He’d taught her.

And after the fact, the Government had contacted him.

Of course the President’s Security Council was certain it was a Chinese military intelligence play. Luke knew better.

And now he had to clean it up.

All he needed was a few more days.

“She has no idea who she is working against. I will destroy her.”

About Jet – Exposed

The US government is in the throes of cyberwarfare with China. Luke Raven, a high-tech billionaire, is the only man that can save America from the deadly fallout. Jet, a highly trained operative, returns from Kosovo to retrieve two hundred and fifty million dollars in diamonds safely stored in Uruguay. Spotted by a drug cartel, she is chased up the Pacific coast of Mexico where she is saved by ex-Navy Seal Zach, a member of “Raven’s Group.”

Luke and his team recruit Jet to help execute a dangerous, highly classified special operations mission that is crucial to national security. Jet completes the critical Team Profile. They take their high-paced adventure across the USA and over the ocean to Paris. The action culminates in Shanghai, China where an ultra-wealthy and ruthless business tycoon possesses highly sensitive information that would have catastrophic results in the wrong hands. But will they get there soon enough to secure the information from their enemies?

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About Lynda Filler

Lynda Filler is a writer, painter and photographer. Her first published work was The Love Fix, a compilation of urban free-style poetry and stunning black and white photography. She followed that with Love Rehab, and I (Spy) Love.

About her poetry her readers have said:

  • “You have many layers to your soul; and each one I see uncovered in your words is breathtaking.” — Lena Wing
  • “You literally stole my breath from me with your latest. I don’t know that ANY piece has ever stunned me into such quiet, cathartic stillness as this.”—Mikki Williams
  • Find her on Amazon.


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  1. Thanks so much for your generosity. I can’t believe I didn’t comment before on your website. My apologies. I have a new JET coming out in about a week. JET-ABDUCTED. Are you planning to write more in the series?
    This is the most fun I’ve had in ages….with my clothes on! Hah, you have to be of a ‘certain’ age to remember that one!