Excerpt Week 2: JET – Outbreak

By Malcolm Aylward

Excerpt Week is now Excerpt Week 2. Today, the spotlight is on Malcolm Aylward’s JET – Outbreak, which introduces a new female super-spy to the JET Kindle World, based on the creations of Russell Blake.


Island of Menorca—in the Balearic Sea—off the coast of Spain

Maya burst through the thick canopy and onto the white sandy beach. She spied the shooter’s Zodiac watercraft pulled up on the surf and tore off across the sand and headed straight for the boat. Just as she reached it, the woman burst through the trees and immediately saw Maya had beaten her to it.

Josette Perot worked for the French counter-espionage agency DPSD (Directorate for Defense Protection & Security) and her superiors had assigned her to retrieve the stolen USB stick containing the safe house locations after it was stolen by the men she just killed in the villa. She had never failed a mission and she was bound and determined not to have this one be the first. She had easily procured the data stick from these amateur terrorists and was certainly not going to let this person take it from her—no matter what.

Josette raised her suppressed FN Five-seven pistol and fired at Maya. She barely missed as Maya rolled in the sand and came up behind the Zodiac. Maya then drew her pistol and shot Josette once square in the chest and the mysterious black-clad woman jerked backwards and landed flat on her back on the white sands. She wasn’t moving, so Maya ran over and nudged her with her boot. The hollow-point bullet had struck Josette’s body armor and temporarily knocked the wind out of her, not to mention leaving a hell of a bruise to follow.

But before Maya could react, the French assassin performed a leg sweep, causing Maya to drop her gun as she hit the ground. Josette was a highly trained practitioner of the French martial art of Savate and Maya was an expert in Israel’s own Krav Maga, so both women were extremely deadly with their hands and feet.

When Maya hit the sand on her back, she placed her hands flat behind her head and popped back up onto her feet like a cat and let loose a vicious onslaught of Muay-Thai elbows and knee strikes at the French agent’s face and legs. Josette deftly avoided the blows and spun to the left and threw a right side chop at Maya’s throat. The athletic French agent missed with the chop, but threw up a straight left at her face. Maya tried to lean back but got clipped on the chin.

Maya staggered back from the blow and dropped to one knee, seeing stars for a second. Josette threw a spinning leg strike straight at Maya’s head. She barely ducked under the kick but ended up face-down in the sand. Josette seized the opportunity and wrapped Maya up in a scissors lock and squeezed with her toned and powerful legs tighter and tighter. Maya twisted her body sideways and responded with a double open palm strike to each side of Josette’s head. The French woman moved at the last second to lessen the blow and swore in her native tongue.

Maya could speak seven languages fluently so she fully understood the French curse words she heard as she broke free of the hold and stood back up. But hearing Josette speak French caused her to pause for just a fraction of a second. That pause was just enough to allow the French spy to unleash another leg strike at Maya’s mid-section. Maya grabbed her leg in mid-air with both hands, twisted it and spun her around in the air and slammed her down face-first in the sand. Maya then leaped on her back, pulled out her second Glock and held it tightly to the side of the woman’s head and screamed in French, “Enough! Stop now, tell me who you are or I will blow your damn head off. I heard you speak French.”

Josette spat on the ground and said, “Yes, I am French. My government sent me here to retrieve a certain item that was stolen from us. Please know that I am holding a live grenade underneath me right now. If you shoot me then we both get blown to hell. Or maybe I’ll just blow us to shit anyway.”

About Jet – Outbreak

Maya, code-named Jet, finds herself in the midst of a terrifying epidemic just outside of Tel Aviv, battling a horde of infected humans and fighting time itself in a nail-biting race to stop this deadly plague before it spreads any further.

Maya teams up with Josette Perot, a beautiful but deadly French assassin and Chase Thompson, hacker extraordinaire from Texas. Both are future members of the tactical special ops team that will come to be known as The Specialists, and they assist her in battling and finding a way to contain the deadly and mysterious outbreak before it is too late.

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About the author

Malcolm Aylward is a genre fiction author from the Great Midwest who loves to write action/adventure, thrillers, fantasy and sci-fi novels.

Before JET: Outbreak, he released the military thriller Dunn’s Revenge. a precursor novella featuring Major John Dunn and Chase Thompson (from JET: Outbreak.)

Malcolm has also previously released the non-fiction self-help book, “How I Kicked Type 2 Diabetes Butt! And You Can Too” in March of 2015, describing his personal battle to overcome and conquer Type 2 diabetes.

When he isn’t writing, Malcolm spends his time enjoying his two amazing sons, his lovely girlfriend, his goofy dogs, playing music, exercising, martial arts, fishing, collecting swords, whiskey, and the great outdoors, all the while saving the world from the zombie hordes.

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About Amazon Kindle Worlds

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon initiative that allows authors to publish stories set in another author’s fictional universe. The Jet Kindle World is based on the character Jet, created by bestselling author Russell Blake.

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