New Lei Crime Kindle World novellas launching soon: Preview of Dead Flow

The next launch of Lei Crime Kindle World novellas is October 31, and this time there are new titles from your favourite authors, and newcomers to the family, too. Written Words will be previewing the new batch to whet your appetite for these exciting new books from the best professional authors.

Dead Flow: A Lei Crime Kindle World novella

The SpecialistsBy Malcolm Aylward

The mountain rumbled again, and a fissure appeared in the cavern’s ceiling. Jake hurried over to the far wall and shined his mag-lite to reveal something truly fantastic. Just like Jonathan Evans described, the far wall was covered with a myriad of drawings and pictures.

Jake coughed from the dust that was accumulating, and so he quickly took off his rucksack and removed his 35mm Nikon camera, the kind that still uses rolls of film. He attached the flash and started taking picture after picture of the wall.

The rumblings were getting closer together now, and for the first time Jake was a little worried. Just like his father warned, he won’t be discovering or protecting any more artifacts if he is buried alive on Mauna Loa.

After snapping about three rolls of film, he removed his movie camera. It was a digital model, and Jake only gave in to new technology because the old film units weren’t available for sale anymore. He quickly filmed the wall in its entirety.

He put the movie camera away and started removing his paper and charcoal pencils. Another jolt reverberated through the cavern and knocked Jake down to his knees. His pencils went skittering across the cave floor.

Another huge crack opened up down the center of the wall in front of him. He still needed to take some rubbings of the etchings in one corner. He got to his feet, grabbed some pencils and slapped the paper up against the strangely carved hieroglyphics.

His black hair was almost completely gray with dust and debris that was dropping from the roof of the cave like new fallen snow. He rubbed furiously at the strange etchings before the whole mountain collapsed on top of him.

He finished up and threw on his rucksack, put the mag-lite in his mouth and slid through the inner chamber’s small opening. The walls started rocking back and forth and the lava rock was cracking and crumbling around him.

Just as he reached the tunnel to make his way out, he could feel the mountain roll under his feet. There must have been a minor eruption higher up by the caldera. The rocks in front of Jake started moving and half the wall came down and blocked the tunnel opening.

“Oh this isn’t good, is it?” muttered Jake to himself. He started digging furiously at the rocks that blocked the exit with his hands. His fingers split open and started to bleed as he tried in vain to break through.

He lay down on his back, drew his legs back and kicked as hard as he could against the rocks. They didn’t move an inch. He sat back to just think for a moment, the mag-lite still clenched tightly between his teeth.

About this Lei Crime Kindle World book

Dead Flow is an exciting Lei Crime Worlds novella introducing two brand new characters. It will feature 33 year old Polynesian antiquities expert Jake Kahanamoku. The various island law enforcement agencies utilize Jake as a police consultant on cases that usually involve smuggled or stolen art and antiquities.

Also featured is 28 year old Gabriella (Gaby) Texeira, Lei’s cousin from California. She was a beat cop in L.A. for several years and recently moved to the islands to take up a new position as a homicide detective with the Honolulu Police Department after divorcing her abusive husband.

After a local hula girl is found murdered in a brutal, ritualistic style killing, Gaby is assigned the case. As the body count continues to rise, she tries to recruit a reluctant Jake to help locate and stop the killer before any more innocent lives are taken.

About the author

MalcolmMalcolm is an author from the Midwest who loves to write action/adventure, thrillers, fantasy and science fiction novels.

His latest release is part 1 of an historical fiction tale set during the Civil War called Bull Run: Called To Arms.

Malcolm has also released the best-selling Kindle Worlds action/adventure yarn JET: Outbreak featuring Russell Blake’s iconic female assassin, Jet/Maya. Before that he released the military thriller Dunn’s Revenge. a prequel novella featuring Major John Dunn and Chase Thompson (from JET: Outbreak).

You can also check out the non-fiction self-help book, How I Kicked Type 2 Diabetes Butt! And You Can Too in March 2015, describing his personal battle to overcome and conquer Type 2 diabetes.

When he isn’t writing, Malcolm spends his time enjoying his two amazing sons, his lovely fiance, his goofy dogs, playing music, exercising, martial arts, fishing, collecting swords, whiskey, and the great outdoors, all the while saving the world from the zombie hordes. His random thoughts and musings can be found at his blog  and website.

About Amazon Kindle Worlds

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon initiative that allows authors to publish stories set in another author’s fictional universe. The Lei Crime Kindle World is based on the Lei Crime series, created by bestselling author Toby Neal.

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