Articles by Scott Bury, the Written Word

  • MISA cover image

    Facing challenges with energy and enthusiasm—Municipal Interface, September 2014

  • The smart factory

    The smart factory —Advanced Manufacturing magazine, 2008

  • Canada and the World

    Aboriginal Renaissance— Canadian Aboriginal designers take the runways by storm in Canada and the World magazine, Summer 2004

  • Recruiting the Web 2.0 way

    Recruiting the Web 2.0 way—Employers embrace social networking in their drive to attract and retain valuable employees
    Workplace magazine, September-October 2008

  • Sens-sational facility

    Sens-sational facility For the home of the Ottawa Senators, the environment is always a concern PEM magazine, September 2008

  • Workin’ your way UP

    Workin’ your way UP Is Canada generating enough skilled workers to meet its wind energy goals? PEM magazine, June 2011

  • Make your Web graphics take off

    Make your Web graphics take off—From FlashPix to Shockwave, Expert Ways to Exploit the Latest Image Formats
    Macworld magazine, May 1998

  • clear rushing stream

    The pressure is on to reduce the amount of water discharged through the water treatment system. There are technologies to help. Food in Canada, May 2004