Walking Out of War cover wins 1st place

I’m thrilled to announce that the cover of the third book in the Eastern Front trilogy, Walking Out of War, has won first place in the East Texas Writers Guild 2017 Blue Ribbon Book Cover Contest for Nonfiction/Memoir.

The contest drew entries from across the U.S.A., as well as from the U.K, Australia and Canada.

A team of artists and designers from the Dallas, Texas area judged the entries in five categories:

  • romance
  • mystery/thriller
  • science fiction/fantasy
  • historical fiction
  • nonfiction/memoir.

You can find all the winning entries on Caleb & Linda Pirtle’s blog, Here Comes a Mystery.

Walking Out of War’s cover won first place in the nonfiction/memoir category. It tells the story of my father-in-law’s experiences from 1944 to 1947, as he fought in the Soviet Red Army across the Baltic States, Poland and Germany, finally at the Battle of Berlin.

This award-winning cover was designed by David C. Cassidy, who also created the covers of the previous books in the Eastern Front trilogy, Army of Worn Soles and Under the Nazi Heel.

It depicts a Red Army soldier, walking calmly away from conflict and toward a brighter future. Meanwhile, the shadow of the Soviet Union reaches for him from behind. It’s an image that perfectly captures the main theme of the book.


David has also done covers for most of my other books, as well, including One Shade of Red, Torn Roots, Jet: Stealth, Palm Trees & Snowflakes, Dead Man Lying, Echoes and The Wife Line.

You can see all the covers on the Books by Scott Bury page.

David, of course, also designs covers and websites for a lot of authors and companies. He is also the author of excellent and truly scary horror novels, such as Velvet Rain and The Dark. Check out his work at his website.

I would like to thank David for his excellent work, and the East Texas Writers Guild for holding the contest that helps promote so many excellent authors and designers.

Cover reveal! Palm Trees & Snowflakes—a new Lei Crime mystery

I did it! I wrote a 10,000-word mystery story for the Lei Crime Kindle World in four days at the beginning of December. Since then, I’ve re-written it, shaved it down by 1,000 words, gotten it reviewed, changed it again, got it edited and got a fantastic cover image by the matchless David C. Cassidy. So without further ado, here it is:



Palm Trees & Snowflakes

Snowflake has a whole new meaning in Hawaii. The new designer drug being trafficked through Oahu gives users the perfect high—and slowly kills them.

In Honolulu, where the palm trees are strung with lights for the holidays, FBI Special Agents Vanessa Storm and Ken Yamada have their hands full trying to stop this deadly flow. Faulty intel brings the agents into a deadly firefight, which yields even more puzzles.

How do the drug lords change their smuggling routes and methods with every single shipment? Vanessa’s handsome, charming, and untrustworthy ex-boyfriend might have the answer.

Many debts of thanks

Thanks to:

  • Toby Neal, for inviting me to participate in the Lei Crime Kindle World in the first place
  • Julie C. Gilbert, fellow Lei Crime author, for inspiring me to write a Christmas-themed Lei Crime world by announcing her own, Christmas Makes it Chaos
  • Julie Gilbert, again, and Toby Neal (again) and Autumn Birt for excellent feedback to a beta-read
  • Joy Lorton for fast turnaround and excellent proofreading that caught some very embarrassing typos
  • and David C. Cassidy for such an outstanding cover.

Palm Trees & Snowflakes launches December 21 with eight other new Lei Crime titles. Watch for it on Amazon.  LeiCrimeChristmasLaunchBadge

Cover reveal: I Had a Farm in Ireland

By Sigrun Buckley


Sigrun Buckley has revealed the cover of her new memoir. I Once Had a Farm in Ireland tells the story of how a couple from Germany ended up on a farm in Ireland in the early 1990s, and all the work they had to do to transform themselves from professionals to farmers. And I’m proud to be associated with this book as editor.

From the acknowledgements:

I’m grateful to my marvelous editor, Scott Bury, who also straightened out my collection of anecdotes as they cascaded from my memories and helped me bring them into a storyline.

About the book

A wheelbarrow, a cable drum, gardening tools and  a pickaxe are unusual items on a wedding registry. They’re what Mac and Siggy, a German professional couple, need to fulfil their dream of organic gardening. But Siggy doesn’t know that Mac is harbouring secret dreams of full scale farming and emigrating to seek a healthier and simpler life in an unspoiled country: Ireland.

After two babies and the Chernobyl meltdown in 1987, they are scared enough to make big changes. They buy a farm in Tipperary and give up their jobs, friends and home to raise their children in an unpolluted environment.

More than just fleeing the nuclear threats, they want to blaze a new path to wholesome, sustainable living. A period of intense learning follows: how to raise chickens, pluck geese, breed cattle and sheep, and how to grow all kinds of vegetables.

I Once Had a Farm in Ireland is a modern woman’s journey from a sophisticated, hectic urban life in western Germany seemingly back in time to a lifestyle that may be rustic, so different but just as complex as a modern European professional’s. It’s the story of a woman who sacrifices her own dreams for the sake of her family until she discovers her own path.

Detailed descriptions of gardening and farming activities, combines with recipes make I Once Had a Farm in Ireland a useful “hot to” book for grew-minded consumers and environmentally conscious readers who are toying with the idea of producing their own food.

About the author

A former English teacher, Siggy Buckley’s other books include a series of travelogues, Secrets to Successful Home Swapping and Next Time Lucky: How to Find Your Mr. Right. She has also written a number of short stories, including “There is No Going Back,” the story of German refugees  exiled from land conquered by the USSR at the end of World War Two.

She now lives in Florida and is a member of the National League of American Pen Women.

Visit her website, Siggy’s Omnibus.


iAi cover reveal: The Dark by David C. Cassidy

The multi-talented author David C. Cassidy has completed his third book. He’s releasing The Dark, a very creepy, scary and riveting tale on December 15. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon right now. 

What’s it about?

It knows what you want. It knows what you need.

In denial over his father’s death in a horrific accident, Kelan Lisk has grown fearful and withdrawn. For this meek and bullied child, a burning desire to tame a deadly sledding hill consumes him, drawing him inside a wondrous place where anything is possible … including his father. But as this strange new realm spills into this one, twisting an innocent boy into an agent of evil, the world is forever changed, devoured by an even greater evil—the Dark.

Reviews on Amazon:

“Dean Koontz would be proud of this writer.”“Exceptional writing on a par with Stephen King.”“Readers are at the mercy of a masterful storyteller.”“Eloquent and eerie … this is how a story should be written.”

I’m thrilled about this book and doubly proud of it, because I’ve been a fan of David Cassidy (the author, photographer and designer, not the teen idol) since I discovered his first book, Velvet Rain, and saw several of his gorgeous cover designs. In fact, I asked David to design the covers of both One Shade of Red and Army of Work Soles.
The other reason I am so proud of The Dark is that I edited the manuscript. I’m very happy with the way that worked out.
So check it out. And if you want a scary, creepy and excellent book to read over the holidays, or if you want to give one as a present, then this is what you’re looking for.

Army of Worn Soles: The cover reveal blog tour

Army of Worn Soles launches June 22 and it’s time to reveal the beautiful cover designed by David C. Cassidy.


David is creating a well-deserved reputation as a designer of wonderful book covers. Check out his website to see his excellent work.
Thanks, David!

I’m thrilled with David’s design, and I’ve asked a number of prominent bloggers to share it with the world. You’ll be able to see it on a different blog each day this week. 

Start with David’s blog on June 5. 
And thank you, too, Cinta.

Today, June 6, visit Cinta’s Corner and Indie Authors You Want to Read by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa.

Tomorrow, June 7, Rebekah Lyn will show off the cover on her Books blog.

Raine Thomas

And on June 8, it will be on Raine Thomas‘s blogWrite as Raine.

Through the next several days, I’ll be updating this blog with links to other places where you can see the cover in its full glory. Keep checking in!

Rebekah Lyn


Cover reveal: Revenge — Tube Riders, Book 3

revenge cover

Now this is a striking cover!

Book 3 in Chris Ward’s Tube Riders trilogy launches this month, only a couple of months after Ward released the second volume, Exile.
The Tube Riders trilogy is an original idea, set in a decidedly dystopian futuristic, dictatorial society. In Mega Britain’s inner cities, gangs of youths seek excitement by riding on the outsides of underground trains. After being pursued by government Huntsmen, they spark a revolution. Revenge is set three years after the action in Exile. 

The Governor of Mega Britain is preparing for war with Europe. In Mega Britain’s inner cities, pockets of rebels fight and die in the name of Marta Banks, brave leader of the surviving Tube Riders.

The Tube Riders themselves, though, have disappeared. With their trail gone cold, the Governor and his deadly Huntsmen have no way to find them.

That is, until the day the Governor recovers a long lost treasure from his past, an ancient artifact that could crush the rebellion for good.
Marta Banks is about to lose everything.

Look for Revenge this month, and in the meantime, check out Chris Ward’s blog, his Amazon author page, and his earlier books, Tube Riders, Tube Riders: Exile, Head of Words, and The Man Who Built the World.
And re-read the review I gave of what he describes as his “best work,” Head of Words, here in Written Words.


Cover reveal: the newest novel by New Fiction author Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

An Unlikely Goddess 

launched October 14, 2013. From Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, winner of the SheWrites New Novelist Award, 2011

The Hindu goddess, Sita, is said to have been born from the Earth.

King Janaka discovers the beautiful infant and in her beauty, believes in her divinity. He raises her as his own daughter……

A coming of age story, An Unlikely Goddess centres on Sita, the daughter of South Asian immigrants, growing up in all the wrong places. From Hinduism to Christianity, Brad to Naren, she’s looking for love but gets anything but.


Unlike her namesake, Sita’s first mistake was being born.
     A girl, her mother thought, eyes dark in abject terror. What if he leaves me? She swallowed, increasing the dryness in her post-delivery mouth, the stiches across her abdomen itching. No water. Only ice chips until her bowels passed the tests. Mythili pressed back against the pillows. She closed her eyes, pushing her fingers into the sockets until the darkness was punctuated by bone-white stars. She wished she could as easily tune out the gurgles of the baby in the bassinet beside her.
Yet, even premature and unwanted, Sita was obliviously happy to enter the world, beaming her infant smile at anyone or anything she saw: the nurse, her aunt, her mother’s back, the noxiously-pink cement walls of the Madras hospital in which she found herself. Several pounds underweight, she was otherwise fine—a petite, brown-skinned baby with tufts of black hair crowning a smooth scalp. How could she be expected to know that from her first breath she was, and always would be, a living reminder of her mother’s failure to produce a first-born male heir?
       Though swaddled and placed in the bassinet immediately after delivery, her eyes were alive with motion. She blinked up at the faces of passersby, but they were admittedly few, so instead, she followed the blinking lights, the creeping shadows and the occasional appearance of a nurse. Everything about the world kept her busy with delight until sleep washed over her little body.
“Look at that smile,” the young nurse said, cradling Sita against her flat bosom.
“Aamam,” Priya, the childless aunt, agreed, rubbing a forefinger across the baby’s somewhat wrinkly face.
Instead of replying, Mythili, Sita’s mother, pulled a see-through blue sheet up to her chin and turned her face away.
You can buy An Unlikely Goddess now from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FVSP82Q

About the author

Mohana is the modern mother, writer, wife. If you tell her something interesting, it’s fair game for a blog post or her next novel. With eight e-books, two kids and a PhD, she’s got a lot to say.