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What are you afraid of?

The damage and ultimate futility of hiding facts  Today, a protest against teaching facts about sexuality in schools met with a counter-protest in cities across Canada, including on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  One of the anti-sex ed protesters actually said this: “Talking to kids about wieners and sex is inappropriate, and if you want to […]

The Brisling Code cover

Another book edited by the Written Word is now on retail shelves “Show me your papers,” the Gestapo officer said to Haugland in perfect Norwegian. He frowned as the group passed. Haugland complied, taking his time to study the man. He was a tall man and athletic. Dark blonde hair cut short around his ears, […]

Malicious Intent cover

The latest book edited by the Written Word to be published By A.L. Smith In the middle of her thirty-minute elliptical workout, she found herself staring into the reflected eyes of a gentleman who was not only drop-dead gorgeous, but eerily familiar. She tried to look away, but it was impossible. He, on the other […]

Next books edited by The Written Word

One thing that’s keeping me busy these days is editing books by some highly talented, productive and professional bestselling authors. Here are a couple coming soon: The Brisling Code By J.L. Oakley A novel of the Norwegian resistance to the German occupation during World War II.  An experienced intelligence agent at 22, Tore Haugland faces […]

two hands holding an open book

Publishing a printed book is much less forgiving than producing an e-book. I have known that since I started working with electronic publishing, lo many years ago. But I really felt it with the production of my third book, Army of Worn Soles. I have printed books before, and I thought getting a print version […]

simple Beyond Barbarossa logo

As I write this, on 22 June 2023, it’s the first anniversary of my podcast, Beyond Barbarossa—the first English-language podcast in the world that focuses on the Eastern Front of World War II. To mark the occasion, I changed the podcast date from every second Monday to coincide with other anniversaries: the 82nd anniversary of […]

one for sorrow book cover

A #SundaySample of the latest book edited by The Written Word, written by D.G. Torrens Willow’s phone vibrated in her pocket. She retrieved it, gasped, and glanced at Lucy in shock. “It’s Avery!” She swiped to answer. “Where the hell have you been?” demanded Willow. “I’m so sorry. Ethan whisked me away on our third […]