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Beyond Barbarossa podcast logo

In the summer of 1941, the invading German Wehrmacht scored victory after victory in its invasion of the USSR. They besieged Leningrad and captured Kyiv, and occupied an incredible amount of territory. They defeated the Allies in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Did this portend Nazi victory? Episode 5 of the ONLY English-language podcast in […]

The Sokolov Agenda cover

This week, I’m proud to present you a sample from the latest book I have edited to hit the shelves. It’s called The Sokolov Agenda, the latest thriller By Alan McDermott Mann pushed through the wooden doors to the street, straight into two men who were clearly waiting for him. ‘He’s here,’ one of them […]

Beyond Barbarossa podcast logo

That’s right. My venture into the world of podcasting is not a one-time leap. The second episode is now live on all the major podcasting platforms: Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher and more. Soon, I’ll write a post about my learning curve. But first, I have to get past the maximum point (to stretch a mathematical […]

Sunday sample for the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa

81 years ago on Wednesday, June 22, Nazi Germany launched the biggest land invasion in human history: Operation Barbarossa, its drive into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This began the biggest and bloodiest part of the Second World War in Europe, by an order of magnitude. On June 22, 2022, episode one of Beyond […]

Preview: Beyond Barbarossa

It’s out! You can now listen to a trailer, or preview of the upcoming podcast, Beyond Barbarossa: The history of the Eastern Front of World War II. It’s available on Apple Podcasts and the Podbean listen app, and soon will be on Google Play, Spotify, Listen Notes, Amazon Music/Audible, TuneIN + Alexa, iHeartRadio, PlayerFM, Podchaser […]

Meeting face-to-face again—for the first time

Is the pandemic over? No, but we are learning to deal with it.  Last week, for the first time after two years, I attended events to sell books directly, face-to-face, to readers. And wow, it felt great. There were a lot of masks to be seen, but a lot of maskless people, too. I’m quadruple-vaxxed, […]