Writing tip

One message, one idea—or you risk sounding foolish

The importance of clarity Every message has to have one clear, main message. Mix in too many, and you risk coming across as confused, dishonest or ridiculous. And when you change your messaging, you lose credibility. Sometimes, you have to change your message because circumstances change, or we learn more. Even so, you will raise […]

Content marketing = knowledge marketing

The darling of marketing communications today is “content marketing,” but it’s nothing new. Businesses large and small have been doing it for decades, through newsletters and free hand-outs in print. Think of your in-flight magazine describing your destination, or the white papers about technical subjects. Content marketing isn’t just for big corporations, though. Smaller and […]

Get a GRIP on your writing project

Writing a plan, a report or an analysis can be a huge hurdle for people who don’t consider themselves writers. But in our information-driven economy today, it’s increasingly important. Here’s a strategy to help you make your next writing project more manageable: get a GRIP. It starts with the two basic rules of writing: Know […]